VEGAN FOR LIFE CLUB'S Payment policy :
We want to make ethical buying ultra fast and easy and so we accept most of the payment options as
Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover, American Express, Maestro, PayPal and Bank Account payments.

A. Does my card needs to be 'Enabled' for 'International purchases', if its from outside Australia?
Yes, we at 'Vegan For Life Club'recommend asking your Bank/Finacial Institution to enable international purchases on the card.
You will be notified at the 'Checkout' on ; if international purchases need to be enabled for going ahead with the purchase order.
Please note, some banks or private finacial instituions may charge a small transaction fee for orders being delivered internationally and we at 'Vegan For Life Club' have no control over that from our side.
B. Can I use multiple payment methods to pay for my order?
We at 'Vegan For Life Club', only allow one payment method for making payents for your   order, just like most of the global apparel/clothing stores like '' etc.