VFLC-Vegan For Life Club

VFLC-Vegan For Life Club was set off to preserve and prolong the dream to have a cruelty free world via expressing veganism via Attires & humane outfits. It was set to merge the boundaries that distinguish importance of humans over animals and exploitation of animals for food, leather and defined materialistic goods that are derived directly or indirectly from animals.

The VFLC-Vegan For Life Club has risen on the 'pillars of the belief' that righteously adheres to the philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals in any form or type.
How does VFLC- Vegan for Life Club is different from other vegan clothing labels and apparel manufacturers?
VFLC-Vegan for Life Club 'Clothing and Apparels' abstains and promotes the ditching the use of animal products in life 100% in any form or shape. It will actively support and will be paying 20% of the Profit from the brand to deliver a routine monthly payments for animal welfares organizations, pounds, NGO's to help rehome abandoned animals, supporting and working towards their well-being.

The dream of the brand is to constantly contribute, promote and support the animals in need where-ever, genuinely possible and lending the hand in revamping our mother earth.

Mission & Vision Statement for VFLC-Vegan For Life Club:
VFLC-Vegan For Life Club's mission and vision is to add value by promoting Veganism via spreading the thought and idea of veganism and being vegan via clothing and apparels. The brands ‘assists’ in idea of promoting the cause as to how the plant-based diet, can promote environmental and animal sustainability and can make the world better place for generations to come. It is all started with a dream, to make a dream come true! #VeganForLifeClub#VeganForever#VEGANISMISGOOD#VEGANPOWER.