VFLC-Vegan For Life Club

Vegan For Life Club is the world's first & only Ethical, Cruelty Free & Vegan Clothing Label' that contributes 20% of our 'Sales' & 'Profits' to deliver a routine payments for animal welfare organisations, pounds, shelters, NGO's - Responsible for re-homing abandoned animals, providing food, veterinary expenses and saving our forests, trees, habitat, all across the globe. Our 'mission' and 'vision' is to add value by promoting the idea of veganism, saving our forests and nature via 'ethical clothings' and 'apparels’. For us, its more than a belief and is cultivating, living and following a plant based lifestyle. Our passion and love for our environment, forest, nature, opposing any forms of exploitation of resources on our mother earth has made us to be righteously adhering to the philosophy rejecting the commodity status of animals and supremely marking an end to ‘Speciesism’ for any materialistic gains. We at Vegan For Life Club are donating & contributing to: 1. PETA (Global) - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. 2. Greenpeace International. Our Ethical, Cruelty Free, Vegan Clothing and Apparels are contrived with raw organic cotton or have at-least 87.3% of cotton or recycled, reused cotton, polyester, linen & scrap dross materials used variably, depending on the fructification type. We are 'rising' on the 'pillars of the belief' to have a cruelty free world, via ’veganism’, ‘ethical living’ and are contributing via our partnerships to continue enhancing a change in decimating the beliefs that humans have over any living being to make a world a better place to live in. It all started with a dream to dream, to make it come true for a green and a peaceful future. -Vegan For Life Club